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Planning for Genetic Variability

February 5, 2020 Planning for Genetic Variability At TRiNDS, we focus on the unique needs for companies conducting clinical trials in rare disease populations. Clinical trials are always challenging, but rare neuromuscular disorders add complexity to study design and execution. Many neuromuscular disorders have genetic causes, such as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Duchenne muscular… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Caroline Bong, Clinical Research Intern

January 16, 2020 Employee Spotlight: Caroline Bong, Clinical Research Intern All of us at the TRiNDS team come to work every day committed to conducting the best quality rare disease and neuromuscular research.  Today we’d like to introduce Caroline Bong, Clinical Research Intern. We sat down with Caroline to learn more about her and her… Read more »

Expert Neuromuscular Research Support

January 8, 2020 Expert Neuromuscular Research Support TRiNDS offers a unique contract research organization (CRO) service model to clients conducting research and drug development for rare and neuromuscular disorders. Drug developers and researchers often can’t do everything in – house for every project – it’s too difficult to build the capacity needed to run, supervise,… Read more »

TRiNDS Data Management Services

December 4, 2019 TRiNDS Data Management Services While data is at the center of every research project, data management strategy and implementation can seem mysterious. Data management is more than just issuing queries and locking case report forms – it includes all the steps and systems that you’ll need to prevent user error, flag problems… Read more »

  October 30, 2019 Apply to Join the TRiNDS Team Today! TRiNDS has two job postings open at We are looking for a Clinical Research Data Manager to join the Data Management team to handle data for critical clinical trials and research studies for people living with rare diseases. We are also seeking a… Read more »

September 11, 2019 Dedicated to Rare Disease TRiNDS is a neuromuscular and rare disease contract research organization (CRO). That means that our staffing, processes, and systems are designed with the unique needs of people with neuromuscular disorders and other rare diseases in mind. We know rare and orphan disease clinical trials face different struggles than… Read more »

Continuing Education Opportunity

August 28, 2019 Continuing Education Opportunity Before you can launch your new product for a rare disease, you need results from a clinical trial. Before you have your results, you need to fully enroll rare disease patients into the trial. Patients have more choices than ever before for participation in neuromuscular clinical trials. A common… Read more »

TRiNDS Patient Science Liaison Services

August 14, 2019 TRiNDS Patient Science Liaison Services Rare disease clinical drug development is stronger than ever – new mechanisms of action are being explored, breakthrough technology is getting ready to reach the clinic, and families are feeling more hopeful than ever for new therapies that could improve the quality of their lives. Clinical trials… Read more »

Cultivating Excellence at Work: TRiNDS Continuing Education

July 26, 2019 Cultivating Excellence at Work: TRiNDS Continuing Education TRiNDS is a unique partner in rare disease research in part due to our culture of excellence. We assemble expert teams who bring their specialized knowledge and experience to every project, every day. We foster collaboration, providing the highest level of service using the most… Read more »

TRiNDS Data Management Services

July 10, 2019 TRiNDS Data Management Services Every research project and every clinical trial need high quality, consistent, and accurate data to succeed. Without reliable data, it’s impossible to answer the critical scientific questions or to demonstrate an investigational product’s efficacy and safety. In rare disease trials, understanding which data points are correct and which… Read more »