TRiNDS was launched in 2016 in response to unmet needs from our neuromuscular disorders (NMD) community to have a dedicated and focused NMD specific CRO with specific expertise in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). We combine a strong history of conducting clinical trials and studies with our regulatory-compliant project and data management services, and our network of subject matter experts.

Our team has successfully set up, managed, and completed clinical trial programs developing important investigational therapies to improve the lives of patients. Our headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, with offices across the country and partners worldwide.

At TRiNDS, we help clients bring new treatments and therapies to people with neuromuscular and rare disorders by making research goals a reality. Our highly experienced team of clinical trials specialists use proven methods for creative collaboration. We partner with strong clients, subject matter experts, and dedicated sites; and we engage communities to answer the scientific questions that matter most.  We conquer complex problems, set and meet effective timelines, and manage project resources by empowering expert teams to work together in creative and supportive environments.