Community Engagement Services

August 11, 2021

Community Engagement Services

At the center of every clinical trial is the participant and their family. Without participants to attend trial visits, to receive investigational products, and to complete outcome measures, a trial will certainly fail. Finding eligible participants for rare neuromuscular disease clinical trials can be difficult in the best of circumstances. When patients are choosing between multiple clinical trials and approved therapies, it is even more difficult

Clinical trial recruitment and retention require creative strategies to find, inform, and support families throughout the process.

TRiNDS Community Engagement provides specialized expertise and support for neuromuscular clinical trial recruitment and retention. Our experts begin with strategy – identifying the relationships, resources, and activities that will be needed throughout the life of the project. We connect clinical trial programs with the key opinion leaders and patient advocacy groups who serve and care for eligible patients. Our activities are selected to support each trial’s unique needs and goals. Our work might include anything from attending in-person events, to making online presentations, to extending a sponsor’s in-house engagement team. No matter what the strategy includes, the goals are the same – to support trial recruitment and retention goals and to help the sponsor build positive relationships with the community.

TRiNDS is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to conducting rare and neuromuscular disease research. We are currently accepting new clients developing products for rare disease orphan disease, and neuromuscular patient populations. Contact TRiNDS today to request a quote.