Year: 2021

TRiNDS Data Management Services

May 26, 2021 TRiNDS Data Management Services Every clinical trial relies on data to answer scientific questions. Rare disease clinical trials are designed to answer questions with smaller sample sizes of hard-to-find participants. Every day point matters – one missing measurement can make the difference in whether a trial can answer its questions. Data from… Read more »

TRiNDS Team Spotlight: Rachel Simoni, Clinical Operations Specialist

March 31, 2021 TRiNDS Team Spotlight: Rachel Simoni, Clinical Operations Specialist All of us at TRiNDS come to work every day committed to conducting the best quality rare disease and neuromuscular research. Today we’d like to introduce Rachel Simoni, Clinical Operations Specialist. We sat down with Rachel to learn more about her and her work…. Read more »

We Put the Pieces Together For Your Project

  Date: March 10, 2021 Building on Experience TRiNDS Clinical Operations specializes in managing clinical trials in rare neuromuscular disorders. As in other trials, our team makes study plans, organizes regulatory and ethics board or institutional review board approvals, starts up all the sites, and conducts monitoring visits. The clinical care and life experiences of… Read more »

TRiNDS Genetic Confirmation Services

February 3, 2021 TRiNDS Genetic Confirmation Services There are many different types of muscular dystrophies, each caused by different types of genetic mutations. The genetics of muscular dystrophies and other rare neuromuscular disorders are difficult to understand and important to get right for clinical trials. Some are caused by a variation in a gene or… Read more »

Planning for Functional Outcome Measurement

January 6, 2021 Planning for Functional Outcome Measurement Functional change is at the heart of most innovative approaches to neuromuscular disorders. Scientists and drug developers need to know whether each investigational product will affect the functional decline resulting from a rare neuromuscular disorder. Whether function will be measured as respiratory function, activities of daily living,… Read more »