Year: 2023

TRiNDS and Patient-Centricity

February 24, 2023 TRiNDS and Patient-Centricity TRiNDS partners with innovative clients working in rare neuromuscular disease research to provide contract research services around the world. Our specialized, experienced, and knowledgeable teams bring high level, continuous service, specialized processes, and strong relationships to every trial we support. TRiNDS focuses on rare neuromuscular diseases (NMDs) because of… Read more »

TRiNDS Data Management Services

January 31, 2023 TRiNDS Data Management Services Invariably, clinical trials rely on data to answer scientific questions. It is essential that every data point is collected, cleaned, verified, and transferred appropriately and on time. Data managers help design the study’s data collection systems, the system’s maintenance and monitoring methodologies, and the plans for data exchange… Read more »