Continuing Education Opportunity

August 28, 2019

Before you can launch your new product for a rare disease, you need results from a clinical trial. Before you have your results, you need to fully enroll rare disease patients into the trial. Patients have more choices than ever before for participation in neuromuscular clinical trials. A common barrier to rapid enrollment is using language too complex for eligible patients to understand. The Trial Innovation Network is hosting a webinar on October 7th where you can learn the latest strategies to incorporate health literacy principles into your clinical trials.

TRiNDS is a contract research organization (CRO) focused on executing the best rare disease and neuromuscular clinical trials in partnership with the community. As a neuromuscular CRO, we help our clients understand the contexts of eligible patients and their families to speed recruitment and to complete trials on time and on budget. Our rare disease focus helps us to provide expert services for clinical operation, data management, and more. TRiNDS is currently accepting new clients developing products for rare disease, orphan disease, and neuromuscular patient populations. Contact TRiNDS today to request a quote.