Employee Spotlight: Caroline Bong, Clinical Research Intern

January 16, 2020

All of us at the TRiNDS team come to work every day committed to conducting the best quality rare disease and neuromuscular research.  Today we’d like to introduce Caroline Bong, Clinical Research Intern. We sat down with Caroline to learn more about her and her work.

How did you come to work in clinical research? 

Caroline: Prior to and during my genetic counseling graduate school career, I have had incredible opportunities to help those affected by a genetic condition through clinical settings. As equally impactful to those affected individuals is the work being done slightly more behind the scenes in the research realm of genetic diseases. With much less experience in clinical research, it was very important to me to gain exposure and contribute to this particular side of genetics, which ultimately led me to my work in clinical research at TRiNDS.

What does your typical day look like at TRiNDS?

Caroline: As a clinical research intern, my typical day TRiNDS focuses on supporting the project managers for the various clinical trials. This consists of managing the study files, running an assortment of reports, and working predominately within TRiNDS’ electronic trial master files (eTMFs) to help oversee our clinical research sites.

What are you most excited about for the future of neuromuscular research?

Caroline: I am most excited for the potential of gene therapies to not only treat neuromuscular conditions, but to possibly cure them. Making this treatment a reality and increasing the availability of the therapy in a financial sense would be momentous for affected individuals, their families, and the genetics community as a whole.

Caroline is working on a research project for her master’s thesis about women who are DMD carriers. She is seeking women who are DMD carriers and are over the age of 18 to participate in a survey about their reproductive decisions.  If interested, you can complete the survey here: https://bit.ly/35Ztx2F

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