TRiNDS Team Spotlight: Ashley Degele, Operations Specialist

TRiNDS Team Spotlight: Ashley Degele, Operations Specialist

All of us at TRiNDS come to work every day committed to conducting the best quality rare disease and neuromuscular research. Today, we’d like to highlight Ashley Degele, Operations Specialist. We sat down with Ashley to learn more about her and her work.

How did you come to work at and what drew you to TRiNDS?

Ashley: Joining the incredible team at TRiNDS was a natural progression in my professional journey. TRiNDS has an unwavering commitment to improving lives which resonated deeply with my own passion for impactful work.

What does your typical day look like at TRiNDS?

Ashley: Every day at TRiNDS brings me a dynamic blend of tasks that ensure the seamless function of our business operations. This ranges from financial processes, coordinating employee engagement, handling correspondence, and providing support to the team.

What are you most excited about for the future of your role at TRiNDS?

Ashley: Something that I appreciate most about my time, thus far, at TRiNDS is that there are so many opportunities to learn a new skill. I am excited for the prospect of expanding my skill set and contributing to the transformative work at TRiNDS. I am so happy to invest time in a company that continuously strives for excellence and positively influences the landscape of rare disease research.

Speaking of your future at TRiNDS, part of that future is going to include management of TRiNDS’s social media in 2024. Are you hoping to take TRiNDS’s social media in a new direction?

Ashley: I am hopeful that I will be able to optimize the reach of the work done by TRiNDS by being involved with social media and building on what Jessie, our current social media lead, has started. Neuromuscular disorders often go unrecognized, lacking widespread awareness in the general population. I believe that, by working in tandem with social media flux to strategically increase visibility of the work that our team and neuromuscular researchers are doing, we will continue to foster opportunities that seek to improve the lives of those living with rare disorders.

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