Expert Neuromuscular Research Support

January 8, 2020

TRiNDS offers a unique contract research organization (CRO) service model to clients conducting research and drug development for rare and neuromuscular disorders. Drug developers and researchers often can’t do everything in – house for every project – it’s too difficult to build the capacity needed to run, supervise, and analyze everything involved in a clinical trial. That’s where a CRO comes in – a company who provides needed services for a research project. A CRO can provide everything from trial master file management, to ethics approvals support, to database management, and everything in between.

TRiNDS is a CRO offering a higher level of expertise for neuromuscular and rare disease research. Our teams have extensive experience and specialized training for conducting clinical research with neuromuscular and rare disease populations. We maintain deep connections with subject matter experts publishing innovative work in the field. We work with productive and committed sites around the world. We work with the unique contexts and needs of rare disease research every day. It’s what we do.

What does that mean for your project? It means that your assigned TRiNDS team will help you select services and build study systems to match your project and your population. We’ll help you set up your trial to maximize efficiency, to plan for the expected data from your population, to find and train the best sites, and to stay on time and on budget. We come to work each day committed to rare disease research, and ready to leverage our experience for our clients.

TRiNDS offers expert custom services to sponsors conducting clinical trials throughout the development process. We customize expert services to each project to meet its unique needs. Contact us for more about how TRiNDS can help your project succeed.