Michael Kelly

Dr. Michael G. Kelly is a senior pharmaceutical executive with more than thirty years of achievement setting business strategies in building and managing drug discovery and development organizations, programs, and budgets. Dr. Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of MyoTherix Inc, a co-founder of Dermecular Inc and a co-founder of Willow Neuroscience. In addition, he is a core committee member of the TREAT-NMD Advisory Committee for Therapeutics (TACT), and is the Chief Scientific Advisor to CureDuchenne. Dr. Kelly has led and managed research and development in a number of drug-development companies such as Renovis, Amgen, Wyeth and Wellcome. Dr. Kelly has brought more than 10 NME’s through the IND submission process into clinical development, is an inventor on >100 patents, and is widely published in peer reviewed journals.