TRiNDS Annual Meeting

May 8, 2019

TRiNDS is dedicated to clinical trials and research for people with neuromuscular and other rare diseases. Rare disease research is evolving quickly – the science is complex, the populations are small, and everyone wants to finish trials quickly. It takes a team of experts to reach rare disease research goals.

TRiNDS is guided by an expert board of advocacy group leaders, researchers, and clinicians who help us do our best work for our clients. The experts on our board bring perspectives from industry, academia, major clinical centers, and non – profit groups. We rely on them to help steer our work in the right direction.  This week, our teams are travelling to the main TRiNDS offices for our annual company – wide meeting. We’ll be taking time to reconnect, to reflect on our accomplishments, and to plan for the year ahead.

Are you starting a rare disease research project in 2019? Email us to learn how our unique business model can support your projects’ success.