TRiNDS Clinical Operations Services


September 22, 2022

TRiNDS Clinical Operations Services

Behind every successful clinical trial is an efficient and skilled clinical operations team. Clinical operations teams need to be competent in several areas to be successful. From trial management, to clinical trial site selection and start-up, to ethical committee review supervision, these teams need to be able to do it all – while staying on time and on budget. In rare neuromuscular disease (NMD) trials, these steps are more complex, involve more stakeholders, and require teams with specialized experience.

Rare NMD diagnoses have unique standard of care clinical practices which add complexity to clinical trials. Standards of clinical care for rare diseases are often less well-defined than more common diseases. Rarer and more complex diseases involve more concomitant medications, more extensive medical histories, and more subspecialists. Potentially eligible participants are also more difficult to locate, making high retention an essential component to a trial’s success. These considerations mean that clinical trial sites must work harder to enroll and retain participants while completing more study procedures during each visit.

TRiNDS Clinical Operations offers specialized services for rare NMD research. Our team provides experienced and specialized project management, utilizing our previous experience to recruit and manage the clinical sites you need for your project’s success. Our central clinical research associates (CRAs) are specially trained to conduct monitoring visits with an understanding of the clinical context of your study’s protocol. TRiNDS strives to provide exceptional service for our trial sites, supporting them from study startup through closeout and ensuring high-caliber data collection along the way.

TRiNDS is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to conducting rare and neuromuscular disease research. TRiNDS offers expert research and clinical trial services to sponsors and researchers around the world from project launch to closeout. We customize services to each project to meet its unique needs. Contact us for more about how TRiNDS can help your project succeed.