TRiNDS Data Management Services

July 10, 2019

Every research project and every clinical trial need high quality, consistent, and accurate data to succeed. Without reliable data, it’s impossible to answer the critical scientific questions or to demonstrate an investigational product’s efficacy and safety. In rare disease trials, understanding which data points are correct and which are unexpected is not a simple process. Rare diseases can routinely generate testing results that would be completely out of range for other populations.

TRiNDS Data Management offers comprehensive and customized data management services to researchers around the world. We first assign a lead data manager to your project to help you plan for case report forms, electronic data capture, automatic validation processes, quality control, and data exports. Our data management team leverages their extensive experience and training to help you plan the data expected for the diagnoses in your trial. Our team works with you to find the right approach to collecting and validating the data you need to answer your scientific questions.

TRiNDS offers expert data management services to sponsors conducting clinical trials throughout the development process. We customize services to each project to meet its unique needs. Contact us for more about how TRiNDS can help your project succeed.