TRiNDS Patient Science Liaison Services

August 14, 2019

Rare disease clinical drug development is stronger than ever – new mechanisms of action are being explored, breakthrough technology is getting ready to reach the clinic, and families are feeling more hopeful than ever for new therapies that could improve the quality of their lives. Clinical trials with rare disease populations are difficult for companies and researchers to navigate. In addition to the typical rules and regulations surrounding clinical development, rare disease clinical trials must address families’ needs and expectations in busy areas of drug development. Families are asked to choose between multiple trials based on complex science and intensive trial schedules. People coping with rare diseases have different experiences, fears, and hopes than people with more common diagnoses.

These differences are the core of our work at TRiNDS. We know that conducting clinical trials are essential to helping people with rare diseases but ask families to add stress to very stressful lives. Helping researchers and companies navigate these issues is a core part of what we do.

TRiNDS Patient Science Liaison services offer customized advocacy, patient outreach, and research education services to researchers and companies working with rare disease populations. We can help connect you to the patient groups working in the community and help connect families to your trials. We’ll help you make the materials and strategies that you’ll need to recruit and retain eligible patients to your studies. Do you have an advocacy team? We can help extend your team by attending more events, creating special materials, or answering central inquiries.

TRiNDS offers expert research patient advocacy supports to research studies and clinical trials working with neuromuscular and other rare diseases. Contact TRiNDS today to request a quote.