TRiNDS Strategic Solutions

November 22, 2023

TRiNDS Strategic Solutions

TRiNDS’s Strategic Solutions refers to the specialty services we offer to help clients complete high-quality, rare neuromuscular disease (NMD) clinical trials. Included under the Strategic Solutions umbrella are our Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB), Genetic Confirmation, Study Measurements, and Community Engagement services. Our clients’ first experience with TRiNDS is usually through one of our Strategic Solutions.

The life experiences and clinical care needs of people living with an NMD are different than those of people with other diagnoses, resulting in rare NMD clinical trials requiring unique considerations. These specialized requirements can mean that additional steps and systems are needed to ensure a successful project. TRiNDS is uniquely qualified to launch and manage projects with the unique needs of neuromuscular patients and clinics in mind.

TRiNDS’s services are informed by a wealth of experience with rare disease clinical trials. Maintaining trust with NMD patients and patient groups, providers, and study sites is critical for our work. Our Community Engagement services help our clients develop and nurture trusting relationships with stakeholders. Our centralized Genetic Confirmation services provide consistently capture and interpretation of genetic data across study sites. Our DSMB team provides independent safety oversight that is uniquely specialized in the needs of NMD clinical trials. TRiNDS’ Study Measurements solution consists of specialized experts who help to select, train, and implement outcome measures across sites. A specialized understanding of NMDs and rare disease clinical trials is critical at any stage of your rare disease project.

TRiNDS is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to conducting rare and neuromuscular disease research. TRiNDS offers expert research and clinical trial services to sponsors and researchers around the world from project launch to closeout. We customize services to each project to meet its unique needs. Contact us for more about how TRiNDS can help your project succeed.