TRiNDS Team Spotlight: Erica Butler, Clinical Research Associate

November 18, 2020

TRiNDS Team Spotlight:  Erica Butler, Clinical Research Associate

All of us at TRiNDS come to work every day committed to conducting the best quality rare disease and neuromuscular research. Today we’d like to introduce Erica Butler, Clinical Research Associate. We sat down with Erica to learn more about her and her work.

How did you come to work in clinical research?

Erica: I began my path in clinical research in college at the University of Pittsburgh, doing guided research as an undergrad in health psychology. After graduating, I began an 11-year career as a Clinical Research Coordinator, working in areas such as cardiac surgery, allergy, asthma, and immunology, before landing in my current position as a Clinical Research Associate at TRiNDS.

What does your typical day look like at TRiNDS?

Erica: My typical day at TRiNDS begins with addressing site issues and concerns. I work closely with sites to help answer questions about the studies and to solve problems. Otherwise, I review and monitor the data and documents the sites collect and help them resolve outstanding action items.

What are you most excited about for the future of neuromuscular research?

Erica: I am excited knowing that so many dedicated people within our team and in the neuromuscular community are working hard on innovative treatments for those affected by neuromuscular disorders.

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