We Put the Pieces Together For Your Project


Date: March 10, 2021

Building on Experience

TRiNDS Clinical Operations specializes in managing clinical trials in rare neuromuscular disorders. As in other trials, our team makes study plans, organizes regulatory and ethics board or institutional review board approvals, starts up all the sites, and conducts monitoring visits. The clinical care and life experiences of people with neuromuscular disorders are different than those of people living with other diagnoses. That can mean study plans and templates designed for other diagnoses might not work for a neuromuscular clinical trial.

TRiNDS Clinical Operations offers specialized services for rare neuromuscular disease research. We offer expert project management to leverage our past experience for rapid startup and efficient trial operations. What does that mean for your study? It means we can build your documents and strategies based on our past successes without wasting time. It means we can launch your projects with the unique needs of neuromuscular patients and clinics in mind instead of modifying an unsuccessful project. Our team has the expertise and key opinion leader network to help you understand your participants’ needs and preferences.  Our model is to provide collaborative, customized services to our clients to support efficient study planning, rapid startup, and high-quality data collection throughout the life of the trial.

TRiNDS is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to conducting rare and neuromuscular disease research. We are currently accepting new clients developing products for rare disease orphan disease, and neuromuscular patient populations. Contact TRiNDS today to request a quote.