Success at WMS

October 10, 2018

World Muscle Society was a great success for TRiNDS, CINRG, and TRiNDS’ clients and collaborators. In addition to three days of presentations, researchers presented over 175 posters in a poster session. Poster presentations shared results from all different types of research and clinical trials about all different types of neuromuscular disorders. We had a great time sharing our results at the poster session and connecting with each other.

The Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group (CINRG) is a consortium of researchers who work together on industry sponsored and academic research projects about people with neuromuscular disorders. Everyone works hard to answer important research questions for patients and families everywhere. Congratulations CINRG researchers on your WMS presentations!

Conferences are a great opportunity for the scientific community to share results and build relationships for future projects. We always come home more energized and more committed to neuromuscular research than ever.

TRiNDS is the coordinating center for CINRG. TRiNDS serves industry and academic research clients working for neuromuscular disorders around the world.

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